Tsoukalas SA was founded in 1979 in order to continue the family tradition in bakery products. The company begins to operate in “Peristeri” region in Athens, Greece.

Initially, the company presents one of its basic products, pizza bread, which is soon considered a high quality product by the Greek market. The successful positioning of this particular product led the company to be transferred in bigger facilities. In the new headquarters the management decides to manufacture Puff Pastries, to renew the pizza bread production line and to enlarge its product range by adding the Thick Phyllo (Choriatiko), Thin Phyllo (Kroustas or Baklava) and Pitta Souvlaki.

In 1999, as a result of a strong earthquake the company is forced to move again in other facilities. In 2004 the construction of company’s new factory in Schimatari is completed. The new industrial facilities comply with all the necessary rules and directives of the European and Greek law. A new production line of Phyllo dough is added in company’s product range and part of the existing machinery is renewed. In 2009, another change is made to the production line as the company improves its production equipment for Pizza bread and pitta souvlaki. Today the company has a strong brand name in the market of frozen bakery products which is inter connected with the excellent quality of its products.

Our vision is to offer the highest quality products to both local and international market exceeding customers’ expectations. Our priority is to maintain the good reputation of our company, to keep our employees satisfied and to constantly enrich our product range.

We target to continuous improvement and development…


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